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Police Failed To Curb Drug Menace: Church

The Goan Catholic Church accused the Goa Police of totally failing to curb the drug menace in the State, which it said is really a cause of concern.
In a statement released on the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking, Fr. Maverick Fernandes, Executive Secretary of Council for Social Justice and Peace, an organization of the Catholic Church in Goa, said the increasing abuse of drugs in Goa was a cause of concern.

He said the increase in drug abuse can be seen in the fact that drug abuse is now found in the hinterland of Goa as against its prevalence along the coastline and places of touristic importance earlier.
He also voiced concern over the aggressive promotion of alcohol and accused the government of being a party to this promotion.
He accused the government of promoting “unhealthy culture” through promotion of intoxicants like alcohol to tourists which he said is also impacting the local population.
He lamented that while the government and liquor industry has benefitted tremendously due to the lower rates of alcohol in Goa, sufficient support systems have not been put in place to help those affected by alcoholism.

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