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Police Get Cracking on Indonesians in Goa

Goa Police have reportedly got cracking on the complaint lodged by the Indonesian Embassy of its nationals being forced to work in Goa by the owner of a spa who has not only held their passports with him but also their work permits.
According to media reports, all police stations have been asked to collect information about Indonesians living within their jurisdiction. Besides, CID is also asked to carry out a similar exercise.

Meanwhile, Crime Branch has sought the Indonesian Embassy’s help in recording the statement of the 11 girls who had complained of being forced to work and were subsequently rescued and are presently in the custody of the Indonesian Embassy.
The Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) has reportedly submitted its report on Indonesians registered with it. In all there are 32 Indonesians including the girls who complained, registered with the FRO and interestingly 21 of them gave their place of residence as Miramar.
Besides, two Indonesians on long term visas are declared as Persons of Indian Origin and one holding a ‘others visa’ is reportedly residing at INS Vikrant Block, Gomantak Vaddem, Vasco da Gama, which is a sensitive installation.

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