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Police Remained Mute Spectators: Fire Survivor

According to Soiru Velip, one of the four persons rescued from the Adarsh Farmers’ Co-operative Society building on 25th May at Balli squarely blames the police for remaining mute spectators as the murderous mob marched to the building and torched it.
Recalling the gruesome incident, he said he could see the mob approaching the building and the police though present all around, did nothing to stop it.

He said after the agitation was called off, he along with three employees of the society were in the building. “When we were about to leave, we heard commotion and saw the mob approaching the building,” he recalls.
The four of them sought shelter in the rest room on the first floor while Manguesh and Dilip – the two who died in the fire – went towards the toilet. “After about 20 minutes, when I came out, I saw Manguesh wearing a green T-shirt trying to run out,” he said amidst tears and did not rule out the possibility of Manguesh being beaten by the mob while escaping.
He reveals that they thought they would die in the fire and is grateful to Prashant Naik and Mahesh Konekar, the two journalists who recognized him and tried to help those trapped on the first floor.
He also reveals that after they were rescued, they had informed the fire services personnel of two other persons being trapped in the building, but nobody bothered to rescue them.

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