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Police state governance in Bengal: Governor

Kolkata: Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar today said there was police state governance in Bengal with “limitless unconstitutional stance”.

Urging the IAS and IPS associations to focus on this “malaise” the governor tweeted, ‘Time @IASassociation @IPS_Association focus on this malaise.’

Mr Dhankhar went on to say, ‘Political neutrality, adherence to rule of law and constitution are casualty. ‘Resultantly there is ‘Police State’ Governance with limitless unconstitutional stance @MamataOfficial.’
The governor even remarked, ‘Democratic fabric is ravaged.

Time @IASassociation
focus on this malaise.’
In a series of tweets Mr Dhankhar, who has had a running feud with the Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress dispensation observed, ‘@IPS_Association
Sadly ‘mind is full of fear’ and ‘head in shame’
-be it law and order, state of human rights or political vendetta.’ Referring to the recent resurfacing of Maoism he said, ‘Maoism being whipped up, illegal bomb industry flourishing not without support of state actors. ‘Recall Vivekananda- AWAKE before it is too late.’

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