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Police Terrorism at its peak: Arnab Goswami assaulted and arrested by Mumbai Police

Mumbai: The Mumbai Police on Wednesday reached the residence of Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director Arnab Goswami. The Mumbai Police manhandled Arnab. They pushed and heckled him demanding he come out.

The Mumbai Police team did not have summons, documents, or court papers. It is learned that Arnab has been detained in connection with an old abetment to suicide case. They have sealed all entry and exit points. 8 police vehicles and at least 40-50 Police personnel are in the building premises of Arnab, many armed.

“The courts of the country are watching this absurdity and the planting of falsehoods despite their observations cautioning the Mumbai Police from such unprofessionalism. The multiple U-turns of the Mumbai Police show that it is floundering as the fake case has collapsed. The Mumbai Police has tried to blackmail and coerce random people into naming Republic. The CBI now has a copy of the tape of their witness coercion. This witch-hunt will end soon because more and more people have seen through Param Bir Singh’s tactics. I am absolutely certain that we will get justice from the courts,” Arnab said in a statement on Tuesday.

Earlier, in brazen abuse of power, Param Bir Singh-led Mumbai Police launched an unprecedented second wave of attack on Republic and its journalists, demanding editorial access of the news channel. Continuing its witch-hunt, the Mumbai police seemingly crossed all its limits and sought details of all the journalists working in the newsroom. Mumbai Police also sent a notice effectively seeking each and every detail of the Republic news desk, including addresses of the technicians of Republic TV, IDs and passwords of newsroom software, roster details of its journalists, and gave a time period of two days to furnish this, in a shameful trespass of free speech.

In total, Republic Media Network’s management & editorial staff have endured over 150 hours of questioning in a variety of cases that are beyond the initial fraud TRP matter in which there had been an effort to implicate Republic.

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