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Police to Probe Sting Operators

Stung by the sting operation that exposed the ugly underbelly of the police showing them in truly bad light as Police Sub-Inspector Sunil Gudlar was caught on camera not only selling drugs but also brazenly admitting to corruption in the department, police are trying to turn the heat on the persons who carried out the operation.
The sting operation was carried out by David Driham alias Dudu’s sister Ayala and his girlfriend Zarina who posed as foreigners purchasing drugs and video recorded Sunil selling it to them.

The Special Investigation Team constituted under Superintendent of Police Omprakash Kurtarkar is now planning to probe the antecedents of the two girls who carried out the sting operation.
It is learnt that both the girl are to be summoned before the SIT to find out whether they too are involved in the drug trade.
According to Atmaram Deshpande, the official spokesperson for Goa Police, police are carrying out a ‘holistic’ inquiry into the entire episode.

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