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Police Whistle-Blower: SP Singh’s transfer an influential political transfer

The recent statement of Dayanand Mandrekar – a minister in the BJP-ruled state of Goa against the former Superintendent of Police (SP) North Goa Vijay Singh has sent ripples and tongues wagging in the political and social circles with criticism and questions, on whether the Art and Culture Minister exerted influence to have the SP transferred. spoke to a senior police officer (a whistle blower) on strong condition of anonymity on the reason behind the sudden transfer of SP Vijay Singh. This senior police officer was a part of the discussion on the transfer of the SP.

GC: SP Vijay Singh was an honest officer that worked towards cleaning the drug and prostitution nexus? Your comment…

PWB: There is doubt that SP Vijay Singh worked with a clear mandate to crackdown the drug and prostitution racket in the state. He was committed and honest. Even the members of his team such as the Police Inspector, Police Sub-Inspector and Head Constable especially in Calangute, Baga and Anjuna were committed to the cause ‘War on Drugs’.

GC: Then why was SP Vijay Singh transferred and like him PI Nolasco Raposo, PSI Shariff Furtado and Head Constable Vinay Srivastav, when they were committed and honest about their job?

PWB: Let’s be realistic. The fight of good over evil sounds nice in books and movies, in the real world their is a grey-line that police officers need to thread in order to survive. SP Vijay Singh’s and team onslaught on a prolific trade of sex and drugs in North Goa did not go well with the businessmen who control this trade. Please understand that such players can exert considerable influence politically.

GC: Did the raid on the internationally popular restaurant ‘Curlies’ – infamous for being reportedly identified as a drug-supplying spot and arrest of its owner lead to the transfer of SP Vijay Singh?

The issue of the raid on ‘Curlies’ and the arrest of its owner and the related treatment (within the rights of a police officer) meted out to this foul-mouthed owner of the restaurant did become a point of contention. I would say that it was the catalyst and reason for the transfer of SP Vijay Singh, even though other issues were also brought to light about the method in which SP Vijay Singh went about doing his job. His aggression was not appreciated at all. The enemy existed both on the outside and inside within the government and police department.

GC: Would you term SP Vijay Singh’s transfer as a political transfer?

PWB: Let’s understand a simple fact about the drug and prostitution racket in Goa and other parts of the country, it cannot flourish without political influence. Goa is a destination for drugs and sex, you cannot deny this fact and this has happened over the years. The money earned from such nefarious activities is huge. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that politicians and some police officers would be on their pay-roll. And I would not like to openly name the particular minister but I would confirm that a minister in the current government exerted considerable pressure on the home department to have SP Vijay Singh transferred. I would go a step further to say that the minister is known to be closely associated with the owner of ‘Curlies’ and on numerous occasions in the past his name has been reported to have links with people in the drug trade.

GC: Is the Minister, Dayanand Mandrekar – the BJP Minister for Art & Culture?

PWB: I would not like to comment on that question. You could pose this question directly to the Home Department, since the decision to transfer SP Vijay Singh came from the Home Department.

GC: What was the stand of the Home Minister Manohar Parrikar on this particular issue?

PWB: I would only like to state that the police department followed the directives of the Home Department on the issue of the transfer of SP Vijay Singh. It is best that you pose the question to Mr Parrikar. All I can say is that the Home Minister took a call for reasons best answered by him.

Why did the senior police officers of your department not stand-up for SP Vijay Singh when such a decision was forced on the Police Department?

PWB: I told you in an earlier comment. It is easy to talk, speculate and expect the police to act in a particular manner but in reality we are foot-soldiers of the government. Some of the senior-most police officers did raise the concern that SP Vijay Singh should not be transferred. But in the end it is the Home Department who took this decision.

The new police team in Calangute are slowly turning into extortionists themselves, as per some local intelligence report? Your department transferred the crucial team that cracked down on the drug and prostitution racket in North Goa. Do you chose to comment on this?

PWB: It is the first time that I am hearing that the new police team in Calangute are turning into extortionists. If you have the details, please bring it to the notice of the Home Department and Vigilance Department. I would not like to comment further on the transfer of SP Vijay Singh, PI Raposo and his team.

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