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Political violence in Bengal

Violence in any form is termed to be extremely catastrophic and disappointing. A very vivid presentation of violence has altogether been shown since ages. The peace maintain authorities do try  their best to tackle out the situation while the world keeps bursting with the prejudices it faces from the political parties in association to various reasons.

India is a country which highlights secularism. It has always been highlighted in many books relating to religion that ‘violence is the last refuge of the incompetent’. Violence is such a measure thought to be the only means by the political party which according to them defeats the other party, but unfortunately, it is a measure of not only self- sabotage but also self- destruction.


Nothing good is expected to come out of playing with violent measures. As it is rightly mentioned, by the Father of The Nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind”, therefore taking political violence as measure is never appreciated, instead it brings about rains of destruction and blood in connection to innumerable losses which are unable to cope up with.

The existence of political party will be out of existence for its existence is directly related to values. It has a very wide dimension for it can take place in any shape or form, for which you need to create an environment closely in relation to sustainability.  Failing which, a situation shall be met with extreme failures.

As Dhankar puts it in his own clarification, ‘West Bengal as he further recalls is the cultural epicentre of the world’. The political violence is well- known to him for he states that ‘Political Violence is stigmatizing the state’. The most recent case of political violence had taken place a few days ago in West Bengal where a member of the Rajbangsi and resident of Gajoldoba in Jalpaiguri district, had multiple “pellet injuries” and was brought to hospital in a gasping condition, as quoted by doctors. The BJP worker, namely, Ullen Ray, was participant of the Uttarkanya Cholo Abhiyan. As a representative of the BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party), he had come to protest the deprivation, corruption, political violence in North Bengal. During which a fatal fight broke out, causing him to be a martyr to this lethal incident.

It was estimated that around fifty supporters of the BJP rally supporting the rally were injured of which included women too. The ethics of politics and its impact has now become so drastic and catastrophic, that for the women who want to come forward putting up a tough front are also subjected to violence and mostly disrespect to the core being displayed shamelessly.

Intolerance found in violence is very common for the level of unnecessary and un-needful wear and tear everywhere. If we count the probability of favourable effects it places on the majority public, then it is definitely stated that the unfavourable feeling is high. The truth, coming upto   be highlighted as the need of the person responsible to indulge in communication with the people on an empathetic level and on an understanding prevailing democracy.



Shweta Mazoomdar,

Priyanka Thakur,

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