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Politicians Have Forgotten Gandhi’s Spirit: Dalai Lama


Nobel Peace Laureate Dalai Lama lamented that Indian politicians of present have forgotten the spirit of freedom fighters including Mahatma Gandhi and pointed out that even Marxists lead a bourgeois lifestyle.
Delivering his lecture at the D D Kossambe Festival of Ideas at Panaji on Monday, he recalled that years ago when a statue of Mahatma Gandhi was unveiled in front of the Parliament, he had then urged politicians to remember Gandhi’s truthfulness.
While pointing out that freedom fighters worked selflessly, fearlessly and honestly for the country, today’s politicians unfortunately lack that spirit and attributed to stability in the country to the democratic set up and independent judiciary.

Urging the media to play a responsible role, and suggested that they develop nose like an elephant to sniff out things that are beyond the superficial reality. “Investigate what is going on and inform it to the people in an unbiased form,” he said.
Replying to a question, he revealed that he believed in the socio-economic theory of Marxism and revealed that he wanted to join the Chinese Communist Party.
However, while pointing out that earlier Chinese communist party members truly worked for the needy people, he said presently Marxism is dead in China and is replaced by capitalist communism devoid of the original communist ideology.
Regarding India he said he knew Jyoti Basu the doyen of Marxists movement in India and opined that Jyoti Basu’s lifestyle was more bourgeois.


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