Politics of Religion!

“The people of Salcete are known to hire buffoons to lead them and in most cases they will be Christian buffoons,” expressed one over enthusiastic Hindu media personality from Canacona. While that it might be true to some extent; the fact is that the people of Salcete normally have a slightly bent mind and chose thugs as their leaders year after year; take a look at Benaulim for that matter. But is that not an issue with most constituencies in Goa, irrespective of the religion.
So I asked my esteemed acquaintance tell me something, is it not true that your previous MLA – Sanjay Banderkar –  a Hindu politician has a ‘No- Entry to Heaven’ tag around his neck.

Goa has not been known for communalism. However, over the years there seems to be an undercurrent of this evil slowly making its way into our political circle and also to some extent our lives.
In an effort to garner Christian vote in the Salcete areas, BJP now is keen to woo the minorities’ in particular Christian votes, which would otherwise to go the Christian candidates which the Church would back. And yes by church I mean the Catholic priests who from the pulpit have time and again been advocating the causes of some politicians, for their own gains. In fact there is a very strong rumor that this time BJP is keen to put Christian candidates to take on the likes of Churchill, Micky and Aleixo in their areas.
Mumbai many years ago lost its sheen, its freedom when it was bombarded with communal violence, which was created by a few politicians looking at their vote banks. Hindus slaughtered Muslims, Muslims slaughtered Hindus, and Christians got caught in crossfire. Scars of those years have still not been forgotten and many people talk about that experience with fear and shock of the degrading nature of us humans.
Gujarat too some years later underwent the same communal evil. Today the man who is being blamed for it has been a demi-God for the state. Whether there are any Muslim worshippers in that list is anybody’s guess.
Outfits such as Shiv Sena, Sanathan Saunstha and Hindu Jagruti Samaj have started to throw their weight around. Muslims groups as they grow in number in Goa will also be doing the same very soon. As for the Christians; the church will do its bit to promote their ideologies.
It is the start of communalism. When supposed protectors of religion mix it with politics which has been an age-old strategy then friends from different communities are left to make difficult choices of religion over humanness.
If communalism does come to Goa; and it surely will in the years to come, since it is tool used by most politicians across India, Goa will have to experience some share of it as our politicians continue to grow more corrupt and more greedy about their seat of power.
And if media personality as my esteemed friend can even after being educated mouth a fact in a communal tone. It is not far away. However if it does come, they Hindus and Muslims have been so used to it that they will cope and survive, as for the Christian community how they react will be quite a revelation but then again they might just run-off to the Gulf or migrate to Canada or Australia.


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