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Ponda CO Overrules Councillors

Noisy scenes and heated discussions were witnessed at the extraordinary meeting of the Ponda Municipal Council convened on Monday to discuss the sopo collection tender with the councilors and the Chief Officers taking divergent stands.
As even the minutes of the previous meeting could not be confirmed due to the stand off between the councilors and the CO over the issue Chairperson Kishore Naik adjourned the meeting and announced that he would take up the matter with the director.

At the last meeting, the councilors had resolved to with hold giving the contract to a private party to collect the sopo in the city for Rs. 61.2 lakhs. However, the Chief Officer Jayant Tari without considering the council resolution issued the tender which incensed the councilors.
Tari quoted the rules under the Goa Nagarpalika Act that empowers him to issue such tenders and argued that the council’s resolution would have resulted in financial loss to the body and also other problems as the council did not have the infrastructure to collect the sopo from the traders in the city.

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