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Pope Francis terms whistleblowers of ‘Clerical Sex Abuse’ cases as ‘Devil’s Relatives’

Rome: In a shocking statement at the ongoing Global Summit on Clerical Sexual Abuse within the Catholic Church, the leader of the Catholic faith, Pope Francis in a speech termed whistleblowers of sexual abuse cases of priests and bishops, and those accusing the Church of sexual abuse crimes as friends and relatives of the Devil.

The Catholic Church is currently facing its worst crisis with numerous cases of sexual abuse by priests and bishops across the world. Most victims have been children and nuns in different parts of the world.

Children and vulnerable adults have not only been raped but in some cases even the crimes has been recorded for pornographic pleasure by some priests.

The Catholic Church has been accused of a major cover-up globally and many victims have either been silenced through compensation or coercion. However, as more and more cases across the world are coming to light, the leaders of the Catholic Church are forced to address the growing menace.

Interestingly, a day prior to the global summit, Pope Francis abstained from meeting clerical sex abuse survivors as he had earlier planned, leaving many survivors doubtful of his intent to address the evil of clerical sex abuse.

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