Post COVID-19 Hybrid event platforms o take centre-stage

As the post Covid scenario opens up the world for physical events, there is going to be great demand for hybrid event platforms.

Now virtual events are evolving to hybrid events. A hybrid event combines both a physical setup as well as a virtual experience for attendees to join from their computer or mobile device, sources from industry said.

The onsite event will likely have limited attendance and virtual or online become the more widely attended option.

”Hybrid events are not new. Sporting events like IPL, the world cup, the Olympics are some examples of hybrid events,” the sources said. There are limited seats available on the ground or onsite, but millions of people view it online.

Today virtual and hybrid event platforms offer a lot more engagement and experience than just viewing it.
”Five virtual and hybrid event platforms that provide unmatched services to event organisers and delegates on the virtual platform are ALMOND VIRTEX, On24, Intrado, Hopin and BigMarker,” the sources said.

Virtual and hybrid events are the future of work, events, networking and experiences.

”Organisers have started realising the power of data and insights that they have received from virtual events. Virtual or hybrid events are not just a quick fix to the global pandemic, they are strong, successful and here to stay,” the sources further said.

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