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Post Mortem Report Inconclusive

The post portem conducted on the body of United Tribals Associations Alliance (UTAA) Manguesh Gaonkar was inconclusive as the body was charred with even the bones turning to ashes, according to reports in the local media.

The team of three doctors that conducted the post mortem could not determine whether he was assaulted before be died. Even the missing left leg and right hand was attributed to extreme heat and the doctors opined that if the body was to remain there for some more time, nothing would be found and Manguesh would have been as missing.

However, in the case of Dilip Dessai it was established that there were no injuries before death and that he died due to burning.

Significantly, the doctors opined that the due had not consumed alcohol and the viscera is preserved for chemical analysis. The comment on alcohol is significant because the Goa Police tried to tarnish the tribals by claiming that they were drunk.

As per the norms laid down by the National Human Rights Commission three doctors Dr E J Rodrigues, Dr Andre Fernandes and Dr M P Kantak conducted the post mortem which was video recorded.

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