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We can endlessly debate on many issues surrounding Anna Hazare’s  ‘India against Corruption’ fight; from the stupidity of the Congress government to the demands of Team Anna; from the BJP, RSS, Baba Ramdev, Sri Ravishankar’s support to the fight against corruption campaign to the people wearing the Anna caps and thronging the streets across the country. Followers of the campaign will consider it to be a victory for Team Anna; cynics will question the motives and actions of Team Anna. Whichever side of the fence one is sitting on and whether you are a fence sitter, it will be difficult to deny that Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption is the voice of the India of today; which is why the Youth of India has come-out to support this cause in large numbers.

Corruption is something we have either been a party too or been a victim of. It is something we witness every day; sometimes in the deep recesses of our heart we hope that we could punish the corrupt government official who wants Rs 1000 to pass our file, but we do not do anything because we in India have been conditioned to believe that ‘anything goes, this is India’ – the typical ‘Chalta Hai’ attitude and if it is not that, then we fear the outcome of brave actions in an otherwise corrupt system. Nobody wants to be a hero. Heroes look good only in films.

Anna and his team have however, brought the hero out of reel life to real life. You could actually call it the ‘A-Team’ after a popular US crimes series. And people can identify with Anna’s mission and courage, which is why many have decided to rally around the cause. Many might not understand the implications of the Lokpal Bill nor comprehend the process to creating tougher laws and implementation of those laws. But what they do know is that they have taken enough of the menace of corruption and they want corruption to stop, culprits sent to jail while making the government and bureaucracy accountable to the people of this country.

Many cynics are questioning the integrity of Anna and his team. Personally, I think the fight against corruption issue is larger than Anna or his team. What they have done is to light a spark and the fire needs to continue to burn.

But more than questioning the integrity of Anna, questions need to be raised against political parties such as BJP, who having been in the opposition have not done anything to curb corruption of the current Congress government at the Centre; and in some cases in the BJP ruled states their corruption chart is going North ward. Most political parties who have jumped on the Anna Hazare bandwagon are in it to ensure that their stronghold in the Centre or states grow.

In Goa for that matter, Manohar Parrikar has been advocating the need for a Lokayukta Bill for some years now. However his attempts to force or convince the current Congress-led government to enact the bill have failed. But he has not failed to join on the Anna wave and making his now almost famous statement ‘When we come to power’ we will bring the Lokayukta Bill in Goa. I hope he realizes that Anna Hazare does not want to come to power to enact the Lokpal Bill, yet he has nevertheless got the people movement moving to demand for a better Lokpal and passing of the Lokpal Bill. In much the same way, if Manohar Parrikar’s intent is indeed to pass the Lokayukta Bill, would he need to be in power to do that; isn’t he not the same person who has got some myopic Goans taking to the streets on the Medium of Instruction (MoI) issue. Isn’t corruption an even greater cause than MoI? Manohar Parrikar is aping his leaders at the Centre, the interest is always political never people centric.

Anna’s message is not about politics it is about good governance. And people are supporting it because we want good governance. Politics has been played over the Anna issue and will continue to be played. Hopefully, Team Anna can and will be able to see through these disguised wolves. And more importantly, people can wake-up to the fact that in the coming elections in the country or their state they have to vote for non-corrupt candidates and not politicians who throw money at them.
While the Congress at the Centre has shot themselves in the foot, because of the irresponsibility and arrogance of its senior ministers; Congress in Goa has kept mum of the rallies being held by many of ‘India against Corruption’ supporters. I suppose none of them would have the courage to face the people of Goa since they are entrenched in corruption as we at GoaChronicle.com has time-again exposed.

To the People of India, time to move towards a Better India has come. The TIME is NOW…

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