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Prabhu courts controversy over his remarks on cheap beverage

Panaji, December 8 (GCCurrentAffairs): Union Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu’s statement linking creativity and business opportunities to availability of cheap liquor in Goa has been condemned by the opposition parties

Prabhu while participating in Global Venture Summit in Goa on Friday had said that the cheap beverages will help calm mind in the coastal state for the business who can then be creative and think of good business opportunities.

“Ideas are there but to make idea into a form that actually be converted into a business opportunity is some sort of creativity,” the minister had said.

“And creativity comes when your mind is calm. And when it comes to Goa mind becomes calm. And to make body calm, Goa government has reduced taxation on some of the beverages which can make your mind soft,” he had added.

The minister’s reference to cheap beverages apparently referring to availability of liquor at a lower cost compared to the rest part of the country has not gone down well with the political parties.

Congress’ Goa Spokesman Siddhanath Buyao condemning the statement said that it is wrong to link Goa’s culture and creativity to availability of liquor at cheap price.

“Goa is known for its scenic beauty and warm people. Creativity is in the DNA of Goans right from the beginning. May it be in the field of science, art, culture, music and even entrepreneurship, Goans have contributed immensely to the country,” said Buyao, who is a musician by profession with several Konkan, Marathi and Hindi titled under his belt.

He said that it is the same calm nature and creativity that draws Prabhu to Goa often. “Does Prabhu come to Goa to enjoy cheap beverages and then get the creative ideas?,” the spokesman adds.

Buyao said that BJP should stop tagging Goa as a liquor destination and concentrate on restore governance here which has gone down to the lowest level due to ill health of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar.

Goa unit of Shiv Sena too has condemned the statement b the union minister claiming that encouraging drinking of liquor should be the last thing, any government should be doing.

“Prabhu should understand that liquor does not make mind soft . It is the natural beauty of Goa that inspires people,” said Sena’s Goa spokesman Rakhi Prabhudesai Naik.

She said that BJP should stop linking Goa’s culture and tourism to liquor. “Union minister to the stature of Prabhu linking liquor to Goa is condemnable specially when he always brags about his closeness to Goa,” she said

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