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Pramod Muthalik continues to remain banned from entering Goa

Authorities in Goa today continued the ban on the entry of Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik for another two months, saying that his statements may lead to violence.

The right-wing leader has been banned from entering Goa since 2014.

The North Goa district magistrate has banned the entry of Muthalik and his associates for 60 days (in continuation of earlier order), an official press release said here.

The ban was imposed because of the speeches by him and his associates that could hurt “the sentiments of certain groups of the public and instigate violence, thus adversely affecting public peace and tranquillity”, it said.

The South Goa district administration has imposed a similar ban on Muthalik and his associates.

Sri Ram Sene became infamous in 2009 when its workers allegedly attacked a pub in Mangalore and beat up customers, some of them girls, claiming that drinking by girls was ‘against Indian culture’.

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