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Prashant Tested Bomb First: NIA

According to the National Investigation Agency, Prashant Juvekar, accused in the Margao bomb blast case, not only prepared but also conducted a test of the blast on the hillock at Ponda, besides destroying the hard disk of Dhananjay Ashtekar’s computer.
The NIA has field a supplementary charge sheet in the case following confessions by Prashant after his arrest on 6th August wherein he has reportedly admitted to being actively involved in preparing the explosive device and also testing the same.
He has named Malgonda Patil, Yogesh Naik Sarang Kulkarni, Dhananjay Ashtekar, Jaiprakash Anna, Vinay Talekar and Dilip Mangaonkar as the other participants in the exericise.

Prashat is also reported to have disclosed that Dhananjay had downloaded the circuit for preparing the explosive from the internet and modified the same and it was because of this that the hard disk from his computer was destroyed.
Arguments on the supplementary charge sheet before framing charges will be heard on 10th December along with Prashant’s bail application on grounds that his remand is over and no extension for the same has been sought.
Meanwhile, the forensic report from Hyderabad was placed before the Sessions Court, Margao that is hearing he case wherein it was established that Vinayak Patil had forged the signature of Sonia aonkar to purchase the SIM card of Vodafone which was used during their act of planting the bomb at Margao which went of accidentally killing two of the conspirators.

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