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Pratima to take-on Valanka Alemao on Goa Youth Congress Election Turf

Amidst growing pressure from the Alemao clan including personal phone calls and messages through common friends, Pratima Coutinho who has been working with the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress for the last twelve years has decided to not bow down and take the fight to the Alemaos. She has gone ahead and filed the nomination much to the surprise and dismay of Valanka Alemao but hope of the other youth members of the Congress party, who feel that Valanka intent in contesting for the election and hope to become the President of the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress is not in the interest of the Congress party at large.
While Churchill Alemao has thrown his weight around his daughter, as it was expected that he would do. His claims that the Congress High Command has instructed him to encourage his daughter to contest the Youth elections are exaggerated and not true. When spoke to senior representatives of the Indian Youth Congress and the Centre In-Charge for Indian Youth Congress and NSUI elections across country as well as Jagmeet Brar, Goa In-Charge, All India Congress Party, they denied any such instructions; however they added that as per Indian Youth Congress rules any member can contest the elections, to win or lose in solely dependent on the election.
In the effort to prove that his daughter Valanka Alemao is the new voice of the Youth of Goa;  informers to have told us that Churchill Alemao has even now got the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat to throw his arm of support around his daughter; and considering that Pratima Coutinho who has not found favour in the eyes of the Digambar Kamat on account of the Margao Municipal elections, extending his support to Valanka seemed to be the most tactical and vindictive approach to take.
However, Pratima Coutinho continues to remain unfazed and will contest the election no matter what the outcome of the results are or the intimidation and money tactics that the Alemaos will use to ensure that Valanka gets the highest number of votes and is elected as President. “I have been in the Youth Congress for past 12 years and worked for the party selflessly, loyally and dedicatedly. My party members and even the State Committee feel that I am the most capable for this post,” she said.
While Pratima Coutinho joined Youth Congress at the age of 18 when she was just a member of the Youth Congress, Valanka Alemao has just officially joined the Youth Congress over a month ago. Many of the Congress Youth members are unhappy with Valanka’s intrusion into this election as she has not done any work so far for the Congress party and her loyalty cannot be trusted as this current act is only aimed at blackmailing the Congress party for an election ticket in the forthcoming assembly. However, when it does come the might of Alemaos and the other MLAs support the outcome many say will swing in Valanka’s favour and if so it will be the downfall of the Congress party.

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