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Pratima will be Fatorda Candidate

Amidst speculation of the probability of change in the decision of the Indian Youth Congress and All India Congress Committee to allocate the Fatorda constituency ticket to Pratima Coutinho, when spoke to senior members of the IYC we learnt that AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi has strongly recommended the names of Pratima Coutinho and Sankalp Amonkar for the Congress ticket in both Mormugao and Fatorda. And the Central Election (Screening) Committee will pay heed to the recommendation of Rahul Gandhi.

In Goa rumors are being spread about the possibility of Pratima Coutinho change her mind in favor of fellow Congress general secretary Vijai Sardesai, however, Coutinho remains unfazed and expressed, “We are all workers of the Congress party and we will work in order to ensure that the Congress party comes into power. If the Congress party has selected me as a candidate, I am humbled and will do my best to work for the party and the people of Fatorda constituency. If they select Vijai Sardesai or M K Shaikh, I will still continue to work just as hard to ensure that our Congress candidate wins. And I am sure that they will do the same.”

Replying to questions on pressure tactics being pushed on her by certain political leaders in favor of Vijai Sardesai, “I know Vijai quite well and we have been friends for many years; we have mutual respect for each other and have always stood for and by each other and will continue to do the same. But most importantly we both want to work in the interest of the Congress party and will not do any overtly disturbing acts that will bring the party a bad name. I think all the news I have been getting or that have been appearing in some media reports are aimed at tarnishing our relationship; and putting both Vijai and I in bad-light to the public. These are attempts of our rivals to create a rift in our long-standing friendship. I am confident that Vijai will support me as I would have supported him.”


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