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Preserve Music And Art Forms: Faleiro

NRI Affairs Commissioner Eduardo Faleiro stressed the need for preservation and promotion of all the music and art forms of Goa while speaking at the seventh all Goa Mando Festival organized by Tourism Airline Management Education (TAME) in association with Department of Art and Culture and supported by Goa Tiatr Academy at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.

Congratulating TAME for organising this festival for last seven years, Faleiro said eminent Goan artists should be honoured and new talent should be encouraged to carry on the tradition. He said although Mando cannot strictly be classified as a traditional folk song it has been established in Goa for a long time and added that Dekhni, Dalpod, Fugdi, Dhalo contain the traditional lyrics and music of Goa.
Faleiro felicitated Jose Marria Da’Silva, recipient of the Mando Award for his contribution towards the composition of Mando lyrics and songs.

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