Prince Jacob – Tiatrist

1- What do you think are the changes that have happened in Goa in the last four years and what do you see in the future of Goa in the next four years?

According to me, In my personal opinion, in the last 4 years Goa has seen a tremendous change. While there may be various factors of change, the one that personally appeals to me is the thought process of Goans per say that has changed, where Goans have realized the importance of preserving our GOAN identity.

Besides it gives me immense pleasure to see participation & involvement of Goan youths on various social & political issues, thanks to social media, which was not the case earlier. This will certainly help in building our “DREAM GOA”.

2- What are the most critical issues working towards Goa’s advantage?

Critical issues pertaining to Goa’s Advantage are the need for Special Status and development & Good Governance taking the front seat during Elections

3- What are the most critical issues working towards Goa’s disadvantage?

Issues not to Goa’s Advantage:

• Accountability still seems to be missing across levels of administration

• Tackling Garbage is still a major challenge

4- What does Goa need to do over the next four years to be recognised as a Global destination?

• Accountability across levels in Administration. Let there be KRA’s and appraisals across levels.

• Regulate Fish & Vegetable prices by increasing the role of Goa Marketing Federation & Goa Fisheries Dept

• Recruiting new blood in public service purely basis performance, Past experience & merit

• Tourism– We need to move beyond beaches…Goa has much more to offer

• Industries – Promote Goa as the Investment Friendly destination, where industrialist look at investing in Goa in sectors like Education, Medical & Healthcare & Entertainment

• More importantly, do not give subsidies [unless really necessary]…rather create opportunity for Goans through skilled trainings where a Goan can self sustain and don’t depend on Government subsidies.

5- Are the people of Goa its biggest drawback or its biggest strength?

Goans Hospitable nature is our biggest advantage that differentiates Goa with any other state in the country. I think this is the biggest USP to attract visitors or investors. But yes…there has to be a line needs to be drawn. WE CANNOT BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED.

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