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Privatisation of Terekhol Fort Decried

Heritage activists have condemned the denial of access to the historic Terekhol Fort on the northern boundary of Goa and also pointed out that the memorial erected in memory of two martyrs of Goa’s liberation movement is in shambles.
The government has handed over the scenic fort to a private party to develop it into a heritage resort following which access to the fort for common man is restricted.
Ever since the fort was handed over to the private party, the memorial erected in memory of Tulsidas Balkrishna Hirve also known as Hirve Guruji and Sheshnath Wadekar, who were shot dead by the Portuguese on 15th August 1954 to end the 22 hour satyagraha held there, is getting rusty due to the fact that it is not being maintained any longer.

It is indeed ironical that a huge gate erected by the hotel owner dominates the entrance to the fort and people hardly notice the memorial of these two freedom fighters said Prajal Sakhardande a noted historian from Goa.

The locals from Terekhol rue that they have no longer free access to the fort and their access is restricted only to the chapel.

Prajal also decried the alterations made to the Fort specially the fixing of yellow tiles to create a restaurant on top, besides the steps leading to the Canon loading point have also been cut.
Prajal insisted that the Fort should remain a public domain and asserted that it cannot be made a private domain.

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