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Priyanka in UP on a summer vacation: BJP

Uttar Pradesh Cabinet Minister Sidharth Nath Singh, on Sunday, targeted Priyanka and said that the Congress general secretary was not in UP for the sake of public service, rather she was in UP for tourism as a part of her summer vacations as per her family traditions.

Castigating Priyanka Gandhi, Mr Singh said, “Priyanka comes to UP only for tourism and she has no concern with the people of the state and their problems. After Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka is now going United States as revealed by her while speaking with media on Sunday. This clearly shows that UP is also only a Tourist destination for Priyanka”.

“Since the beginning itself, Congress leaders pay attention to tours, whether it is Priyanka Vadra or her brother Rahul Gandhi. How will the people of UP trust the leaders who show their faces only for the state tour. Vadra wasn’t seen anywhere while the state was witnessing the deadly COVID-19. That’s the reason the people of Uttar Pradesh have lost their faith in the Congress,” Singh added.

Earlier, smashing the Congress, he further said that the Congress party is and will remain zero in UP. “I advice Priyanka to refrain from her gimmicks as the Congress is not going to be revived in UP,” said Singh adding, “people are not ready to extend support to Congress because of their anti-progressive attitude. Instead of giving constructive suggestions, the party is indulging in mudslinging against the State government for political mileage.”

Congress general secretary who was on a three-day tour to UP tried to ruin the peaceful atmosphere of the state by spreading misinformation and confusion, but she will not succeed in this. The people of UP are already geared up to teach a lesson to the anti-national opposition that is pro-criminal, said Mr Singh.

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