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Probe Into Edino’s PCC

Director General of Police Aditya Arya while asserting that he will not hesitate to take his officials to task, revealed that a high level probe has been initiated to find out how Edino Carvalho got the police clearance certificate.
It may be recalled that Edino Carvalho who had a number of criminal cases booked against him in Goa, has now murdered a fellow Goan Raymond Pereira in Swindon, London and how a history sheeter like him could get the police clearance was being questioned.

Inspector General of Police Sundari Nanda and Superintendent of Police Atmaram Deshpande have been asked to conduct the inquiry and Arya assured that disciplinary action will be taken against the officials responsible for granting the clearance.
The inquiry will look into all the cases booked against Edino and also find out which police station gave him the clearance.

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