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Probe into Vazegate continues: New links of the Chain Emerging

As the National Investigation Agency (NIA) continues with their probe into the Antilia bomb scare case and the mysterious death of Mansukh Hiren, More fingers are being pointed at the Maha Vikas Aghadi and the Mumbai Police as newer links emerge.

Unraveling the Antilia bomb scare case along with looking into the death of Mansukh Hiren, the NIA continues its probe, and the Mumbai Police along with their political masters are feeling more of the heat with each passing day. Every new day brings a new and massive development revolving around these two cases and Maharashtra’s political dispensation. And ‘Vazegate’ has become rampant as a catch-all phrase to involve an alleged terror plot, alleged murders, extortion, and corruption. What other skeletons tumble out of the MVA and Mumbai Police’s closets is what time will determine.

On 10th April, Sachin Vaze was sent to judicial custody till 23rd April by a Mumbai Special Court. On the very next day, Riyazuddin Qazi, Vaze’s close aide, and ex- CIU officer were also nabbed by the NIA in connection with the bomb scare case and the murder of Mansukh Hiren. As per sources, the NIA is looking into Qazi’s role in the destruction of evidence. Hours after his arrest, Qazi was sent to NIA custody till 16th April and was also suspended by the Mumbai Police the day after his arrest.

As of 14th April, it is being said that the NIA investigators are now suspecting that the suspended cop Sachin Vaze had planned ‘a fake encounter’ of two persons so that he could implicate them in the conspiracy of parking an explosives-laden SUV outside Ambani’s residence. This was how the ‘encounter specialist’ wanted to project himself of solving the case but the plan turned into a massive fiasco. While searching Vaze’s residence at Thane for more evidence, the NIA sleuths recovered a passport of a man whose identity has still not been revealed.

The NIA had earlier claimed that Vaze had planned to do ‘something big. They have now begun to tell the truth of the ‘fake encounter’ which was planned by Vaze. As per sources, the ex CIU cop wanted to eliminate the man whose passport was found along with one other. The fake encounter was allegedly planned to take place inside the Maruti Eeco which was stolen from Aurangabad in November 2020 and was hence blacklisted (whose number plate was recovered out of the Mithi River).

On the other hand, the ‘predicament’ of Maharashtra’s ex-H Home Minister knows no bounds. After he had challenged Bombay High Court’s order which brought the CBI into the scenario to probe Deshmukh in connection with the extortion racket (based on Parambir Singh’s plea) in the Hon. Apex court of the country, the Supreme Court rejected his plea on the 8th of April and refrained from intervening in the High Court’s order directing a CBI probe. Justice Kaul had observed during the hearing, “Facts are very important. It’s not about a political rival. Here is a very senior officer making allegations about a very senior minister”.

Following the Supreme Court’s order, CBI now had the leeway, to begin with its probe into the allegations of heading an extortion nexus running in Mumbai against the NCP leader. The CBI team questioned 2 personal assistants of Deshmukh, Sanjeev Palande and Kundan Shinde, on 11th April. Earlier to this, the CBI officials had recorded the statement of a bar owner, Mahesh Shetty, who allegedly paid ‘protection money’ to Sachin Vaze on March 3, on 9th April. Earlier in that week, Parambir’s and Vaze’s statements were recorded as well.

Next, in yet another sharp turn in Maharashtra’s political roller-coaster ride, Anil Deshmukh was summoned by the CBI on 12th April for questioning on the 14th of April. By the 12th, the CBI had already recorded statements of ACP Sanjay Patil and complainant Jaishri Patil in addition to Vaze’s and Parambir’s. On the 14th, Deshmukh was grilled by two SP rank officials for which the NCP leader had arrived at the DRDO guesthouse on Wednesday morning.

On the other hand, the state Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackeray continues to stay mum and hasn’t even whimpered addressing the large-scale developments which take place in his state. His policemen have been apprehended for planting explosives and murdering an individual and his state’s Home Minister is now being investigated for allegedly extorting money through the police force and yet, Thackeray doesn’t care to utter a single word! Strange, isn’t it? While some say that he is not obliged to speak on the matter, one says it is his responsibility as a state’s CM to talk about such lawlessness in his state which is being carried on by his alliance members and police personnel! Even if the CM is squeaky clean, he should address his people to instil faith in them!

All the developments and the stony silence resorted to by the very CM of the state in question are clear innuendos towards the bitter fact that the rot runs deeps into the system of Maharashtra and while the truth hovers right over the politicians’ and police personnel’s conceited heads, it , cannot be brushed under the carpet anymore.


Sonakshi Datta

Intern, Goa Chronicle

DISCLAIMER: This article reflects author’s view point. Goa Chronicle may or may not subscribe to views of the author

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