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Probe NGO’s Role, Demand Apna Ghar Caretakers

The caretakers of ‘Apna Ghar’ have alleged that some of the children were pushed into crime when they were in the custody of Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN), in connection with the juvenile smuggling episode and demanded that should be probed for its role in the entire episode.

SCAN is a project of El-Shaddai, a prominent NGO, which receives funding specially from the UK.

Addressing media persons under the banner of Goa Government Employees Association (GGEA) the caretakers alleged that two of the four children arrested by police recently for robberies were in custody of SCAN, which had taken them from the protective home for the purpose of rehabilitation.

Apna Ghar caretakers also raised doubts over working style of SCAN Director Emidio Pinho, and alleged that he had ‘monopolised’ the functioning of Apna Ghar managed by the Directorate of Women and Children.

GGEA General Secretary John Nazareth said that the caretakers were being made a “scapegoat” by the department, which turned a blind eye to the affairs of SCAN.

Porvorim police had arrested four children, a gangster and a caretaker in connection with the nexus involving the staffers and gangsters. According to police, the juveniles were used in committing crimes like robbing vehicles and their involvement was even found in one of the murder cases.

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