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Problem of “computer age” is cut and paste: Justice DY Chandrachud

Supreme Court judge, Justice DY Chandrachud took exception to High Courts resorting to “cut paste” exercise while writing orders without giving solid reasons for their rulings.

This is one of the problems of computer age, quipped Justice Chandrachud, who is the chairperson of the e-committee of the Supreme Court and one of the most tech savvy judges of the Court.

“One of the gravest problems of computer age is cut and paste order. I hate seeing High Court orders only doing cut and paste. If you are upholding something you have to give reasons,” he said.

The remarks were made during the hearing a case of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) against a person seeking entry into the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

While setting aside the Orissa High Court order in the case, the Bench which also comprised Justice MR Shah observed that the High Court had failed to apply its mind independently to the case.

“Cutting and pasting from Tribunal judgment may add to volume of pages but does not address the core issue of the appeal,” Justice DY Chandrachud added.

The Court noted that matters of selection of IAS are governed UPSC guidelines which are framed in pursuance under Article 320 of the Constitution.

The Court, therefore, ordered the High to proceed on that count and restored the letters patent appeal.

High Court order is set aside accordingly. Letter patent appeal stands restored in High Court. Respondent has retired and decision will affect his pension. Hence the case to proceed on that note,” the apex court ordered.

Justice Chandrachud is a great votary of use of technology to improve justice dispensation.

During his tenure, Justice Chandrachud has initiated and overseen the complete transition of filing of cases in Supreme Court from physical mode to online.

Various other measures have been initiated across the country at his behest including in trial courts to bring courts closer to common persons.



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