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Protest Rally On 15th March

A newly formed collective of various groups, the Goenchea Rakhondarancho Awaz (GRA) has given a clarion call to all Goans concerned about the state of affairs to march to Azad Maidan, Panjim on 15th March from 2:30 pm onwards to protest against “the anti-Goa and anti-Goan policies” of successive governments.
Addressing media persons, Advocate Yatish Naik of the Pilerne Citizens Forum said there is no single leader for the collective which comprises of various groups which at present number 35 different organizations from different parts of the State.

He said the root cause of all ills plaguing Goa today is corruption and added that the 15th March meeting will press for the Lok Ayukta Bill that will at least to some extent curb the rampant corruption prevailing today.
Other issues to be highlighted at the meeting include the police-politician-drug mafia nexus, motivated modification of the Regional Plan 2021, illegal mining and the problems faced by people due to its transportation, land acquisition for Mopa against the people’s wishes, Indian Navy’s attempt to acquire Goan island and various other issues including mega projects in villages.
Another major demand to be made is that of Special Status for Goa but not as per the bills presented by the two MPs – Shripad Naik and Shantaram Naik – which they said also seeks some financial benefits for Goa. What is required is a holistic bill that will preserve our culture, our identity and above all our land, said Dr. N S Dumo one of the co-ordinators of GRA.
GRA has also given a call to sanitise the electoral rolls to ensure that illegal voters are deleted from it.

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