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Proud to be a Tiatrist: Roseferns

30 years as a Tiatrist is quite a long time. But how did it all begin?
Right from the time when I was in school, I used to write skits for functions in the school and it began from there. Later I wrote some plays but that was not as a professional. Then I went to Muscat and after working there for about a year-and-a-half, returned to Goa. This is when I wrote Tapot and on 25th October 1980 launched Roseferns Production with this tiatr. By God’s grace Tapot clicked and I became a tiatrist.

How has it been as a tiatrist? Can tiatr keep the home fires burning?
Why not? I am proud to say that whatever I am and whatever I have achieved has been only because of tiatr. Yes, my wife is a teacher but leaving that aside it only tiatr that has given me not only status in society but also my assets. Today I have everything that a normal person desires like my own bungalow, my own car.

What has been your body of work for the last 30 years?
I have written 69 tiatrs and with the exception of the initial three, I have the manuscripts of the rest still with me. Besides, I have produced five audio CDs. Three tiatrs – Goenkar, Amchim Bhurguim Amcho Fuddar and Budhvont have been recorded on CDs. I have also produced two short films – Don Rupam and Ek Vath Mennachi.

Which tiatr has been the most difficult to write?
None really because once I thought of a theme and began writing, there was a very natural flow and I really did not have to struggle. However, just like all children cannot be alike there are some which may have fallen short in certain aspects and some that may have been really brilliant. I leave that to the audience.

Which is your favourite tiatr and why?
Obviously Tapot because it made me a tiatrist.

What do you enjoy the most being an actor or writer or director?
Director as it gives me not only the freedom but also the means of delivering my message to the audience exactly the way I want it or the manner in which I envisaged it while writing the scene.

Today there are many tiatrists emerging. What would be your message to them?
Unlike in the past when tiatrists were looked down upon and considered to be good for nothing or drunkards, society has changed its perception of tiatrist. Some tiatrist have even become celebrities and parents no longer hesitate to let their children act on Konkani stage. My only request to all tiatrist is to retain this respect that society is giving us by being true to the profession.


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