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Provide For Requisition In LAA: Matanhy

Former Minister and MLA Matanhy Saldanha has asked for special provisions for Goa in the new Land Acquisition Bill proposed by the Centre and also asserted that under no circumstances whatsoever, the government should acquire land for third parties.

In a letter addressed to Union Minister for Rural Development Jairam Ramesh, Saldanha demanded that a clause enabling the government to ‘requisition’ land for a specific period instead of outright acquisition be included in the bill.

He pointed out that in Goa during the CHOGM retreat when the government had moved to acquire land to provide for a passage between the two hotels where the VIPs were to be housed, the High Court had directed the government to requisition the land for a specific period and then return the land to the landowners, which requisition provision, he said should be incorporated in the act to deal with times when land is required for a temporary purpose and for a limited period particularly in cases arising out of natural calamities.

Goa has reproduced his letter in his column and we appeal to all Goans to read it carefully particularly those not living in Goa.


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