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Feminism is the concept of equality and independence of women. It can be referred to as any social, political, or economical movements that aims to provide equal status, opportunities to a woman as to that of man. There are varieties of feminisms we have seen like Marxist feminism, Third-World feminism, Standpoint feminism, Radical Feminism etc. But the dark and horrible side of feminism that exist is what we call pseudo feminism. Pseudo-feminists claim that women are superior to men. These radical thoughts are leading to gender clashes nowadays. Living in a culture where women face many challenges on daily basis the worst thing is that some people hurt the term feminism and they end up being a Pseudo-feminist. Does pseudo feminist also want an equal treatment with women? No, they want to create a world filled and governed only by women. According to them people of other sexes do not deserve respect. There are a huge number of pseudo feminist present in this country as well who on every situation being a keyboard warrior tweet nonsense in about every case.

On a lighter note, let us take the example of Neha Dhupia in an episode of a reality show. Where she was found outbursts on a contestant telling a story of his ex-girlfriend betraying him and his reaction on the situation. The contestant said that his ex-girlfriend was cheating on him by having multiple relationships at the same time. Logic that Neha Dhupia had given was that “it’s her choice”! It is her choice with how many boys she wants to be in a relationship at the same time. But now assume a boy in that girl’s place. Would her reaction be the same?? Later on, she got trolled badly on social media. Hypocrisy and pseudo feminism get a melting point here.

Feminism is simply about freedom is not about judgement. People who are feminist don’t wear a badge of feminism. These are the people who want a good education for their daughter and support their partners when she wants to work. Some women want to be housewives, that is not making them slaves, its up to them to decide what to do. Every civil man knows the concept of feminism and he values it wholeheartedly. This generation is well aware about feminism and are respectful towards men. Women were prime minister, president, chief executives all over the world and the glass ceiling was destroyed. A feminist might be a man, woman or anyone who believes sex should not be a factor in deciding what women’s rights are. It is a concept that seeks gender-equality, according to them women are given the same education, the same platform, and the same plethora that a man has in his life. Also, it aims at eliminating the stereotyping of women who have been spread for ages.

On the other hand, pseudo feminists are keyboard warriors that have managed to mutilate the definition of feminism and who try to find injustice and violence even though there is none. They are biased in promoting their own cause, community, sex and seeks superiority rather than equality.

Actually, we need to mature the concept of gender equality and feminism and give opportunities to women they deserve, rather than spreading hate and violence in the name of feminism. Half knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance. Not every man out there is a rapist, stalker, or stare at the women out there. Simply feminism is all about equality and pseudo feminism is all about chauvinism.

Divya Kumari

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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