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PSI Gudlar Also Threatened To Frame People


In more disclosures from the video recording of Police Sub-Inspector Sunil Gudlar, it has now been revealed that he had threatened to plant drugs on a person and frame him in a narcotic case.
Sunil who has been captured on camera talking to foreign girls, is seen boasting about teaching a lesson to people who try to take advantage of him and after being spurred by the girls reveals that he would plant drugs on the person and arrest him under the anti-narcotics laws.
For quite some time there have been murmurs of police, particularly those attached to the Anti-Narcotic Cell, framing innocent people for personal vendetta by planting drugs on them.

It may be recalled that Sunil Gudlar was captured on camera passing on a packet to two foreign girls which is presumed to be charas and he has also accused his senior officials of accepting bribes in the same recording.
Meanwhile, the Opposition Bharatiya Janata Party has demanded the dismissal of Home Minister Ravi Naik over this issue.
BJP Spokesperson Rajendra Arlekar said that Gudlar’s revelation nailed Ravi Naik’s claim of there being no drug mafia in Goa and therefore argued that Ravi had no right to continue as Home Minister since he did not know what exactly was going on in his backyard.


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