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PSI Peddling Drug Case Handed Over to Crime Branch

Goa Police on Wednesday asked the Crime Branch to investigate the matter of PSI Sunil Gudlar selling drugs to foreigners to the Crime Branch even as Gudlar claimed he was innocent and fresh video clippings showing the same officer brazenly accusing his senior officials of accepting bribes were aired.
Local news channels on Wednesday aired video clippings showing PSI Sunil of brazenly stating that his senior officer was accepting bribes. “You show him money and his mouth will shut,” says Sunil in the video clipping which is a continuation of the one aired earlier showing him passing on a packet to two girls of foreign nationality.

Although Sunil does not name his senior in the clipping, he acknowledges the senior official to be a “very smart guy” and is also showing throwing around notes of Rs 500 claiming that he wants them.
Incidentally, Sunil was heading the Anti-Narcotic Cell ever since the Police Inspector Ashish Shirodkar heading it was arrested and suspended following revelations by Israeli drug peddler Yaniv Benaim alias Atala that Ashish was his drug supplier. In all seven police personnel were suspended following that revelation.
Meanwhile, Superintendent of Police Atmaram Deshpande, PRO for police announced that the Crime Branch has been asked to investigate the matter even though the Crime Branch does not have a very good track record in investigating such matters.
What has raised eyebrows is the fact that the Crime Branch has failed miserably to prove the police-drug peddler nexus case that was handed over to it last year after Lucky Farmhouse, the jilted girlfriend of Atala had uploaded a video showing Atala boasting of his contacts with the police.
Atmaram while conceding that no action has been initiated against PSI Sunil and suggested that the investigations should be completed first.
Meanwhile, PSI Sunil has reportedly been transferred from the ANC to Security though the order relieving him from ANC was not issued till late Wednesday evening.
Incidentally, Home Minister Ravi Naik had expressed confidence in PSI Sunil as he recently said that since ANC is headed by a competent PSI there was no need to appoint a police inspector.
The ANC has been without a police inspector since Ashish Shirodkar was suspended last year.
PSI Sunil however claimed to be innocent and claimed that he had met the two foreigners as a part of an operation, which however was not written in the police diary.
He also shot down the allegation that he was transferred from ANC to Security following a complaint from a night club owner that he had demanded a bribe of Rs 12 lakhs.
He insisted that his meeting the two foreigners was part of a mission to nab them as they were suspected to be drug peddlers. However, neither was the mission registered in the police diary, nor were the two girls arrested.

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