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PUBG game ‘Demonic’: Goa’s IT Minister Rohan Khaunte

Panjim: The Information and Technology (IT) minister of Goa, Rohan Khaunte has trained his guns on the popular online game ‘PUBG’ terming it as ‘demonic’.

Raising concerns over students spending more time playing PUBG rather than studying, Khaunte expressed, “Some law has to be made to ensure there is a restriction on it in Goa. PUBG has become a demon in every house. Students, instead of studying, are engrossed in playing PUBG.”

Khaunte has also shared is views on PUBG with Goa CM Manohar Parrikar and has asked him to consider taking an action on PUBG gaming in the state.

The minister however is not advocating a blanket ban on the game, but demanded a law of some sort should be in place to regulate the game’s impact on children.

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