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Presley Pereira pursued Computer Engineering from Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda. He was working for a company but now moved a full time freelancer. In conversation with Ila Dhond, Content Editor at What opportunities do you see in Goa?

Presley: Tourism is a major opportunity for Goa. We do not have much transport App facilities except Goa Miles. Other states’ App facilities like Uber, Ola are comparatively inexpensive. In my experience, when tourists visit Goa, they come across the transport issue. The solution to this problem according to me could be developing an app with collaboration with Resorts, where tourists can book the cab online and do not have to struggle looking for it around. What were the difficulties you faced during Covid-19?

Presley: Personally, no major difficulties as such. There was no community transmission in Goa back then. My brother and I stepped out for resources after lockdown was unlocked 2 months later. And even now either of us step out because parents are more prone to the virus. Do you think India is heading in the right direction?

Presley: In the technology sector it is. Jio has expanded itself, Google has plans to invest in India. Mobile phones are now made in India. Tech Companies are setting up their plant here. With regard to Education, India needs to plan better. Schools in India are not focussing on basic morals and values. Education system focuses more on grades. Students are forced to opt for only science, Engineering and Medicine. Future does not depend on just these. How do you think Goa CM is handling the situation?

Presley: According to me Goa is in a really very bad state. The CM opened tourism but forgot to think about Goans. Goa was a green zone back then. It was Tourism that brought Covid in Goa. Cases started increasing exponentially. He should have waited for sometime. Also, the Covid centres are not treating their patients properly. Videos went viral on the Internet about the same. There was one video where the father was moved continuously from one ward to another. The food the son brought for his father never reached him. The son did not know where his father was kept. It was disturbing to watch. Hospital staff was ruthless and did not handle the situation well. What according to you is hindering the progress of India?

Presley: According to me, it is Indian Mentality. Indians are stuck to their traditional culture. Parents care only about the child’s grades. They are not willingly to make the child learn and experience new things. But the positive aspect is, India is heading towards ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’. We reached on Mars. The space research is progressing and much more advanced. It is slowly becoming a leading country. Its supporting small brands, and helping them grow.

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