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Putin says risk should always be well-justified

Moscow, June 28 (GCCurrentAffairs) Risk should always be well-justified because ignoring consequences of one’s actions can affect the interests of a large number of people, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“It did not increase or decrease. Risk must always be well-justified … Foolish risks overlooking the real situation and failing to clearly comprehend the consequences are unacceptable because they can jeopardize the interests of a great number of people,” Putin said in an interview with FT, released on Thursday, when asked, if his appetite for taking risk has increased or decreased since he first came to power 20 years ago.

The president recalled the popular Russian phrase “he who doesn’t take risks, never drinks champagne,” saying that despite risks were unavoidable when one had to make certain decisions, it was not the case.

Putin continued by saying that Moscow had asked the previous US administration, which sought to remove Syrian President Bashar Assad from power, what would happen if Assad stepped down. The United States said it did not know, Putin argued.

“But when you do not know what happens tomorrow, why shoot from the hip today? Any decision-making process is accompanied by risk. Before taking one’s chances, one has to meticulously assess everything,” Putin pointed out.

Still, risk based on an assessment of a situation and possible consequences of actions was even inevitable, Putin insisted.

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