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Quit Amnesty!

As you all know that Amnesty India has stopped its Indian operation. Amnesty has called it a Witch-hunt by government against a Human rights organisation which forced them to halt their operations. Ministry of Home Affairs on the other hand hits out at Amnesty by calling the statement as unfortunate & exaggerated. Amnesty has always been partial and have one-sided view which has been noticed to such a level that such a day have finally come. So let’s understand the work of Amnesty in India to evaluate this situation better.

In India, Amnesty reported the Rohingya issue & wholeheartedly welcomed illegal settlement of Rohingyas in India. But when India took a policy decision to deport them, it heavily criticized India and tried interfering in India’s internal matter. Not just Rohingyas, but Amnesty had supported Pakistan’s views on Kashmir to an extent that it should become part of Pakistan. They claimed in their reports that Indian Army is the violator of Human Rights in Kashmir, thereby giving full support to Pakistan’s claim over Jammu & Kashmir. Indian Army criticized the report and clarified it to be fabricated and false. The anti-India stand of the Human Rights body is visible when they seeks restoration of 4G internet in valley from India however didn’t report at all when Pakistan shut the internet entirely in the occupied territory of Jammu & Kashmir. Furthermore, when a 9 year old child was rescued by Indian Army when he came in between a clash and got hurt, Amnesty not only published his name by infringing his privacy but later accused Police & Army for the same under Section 74 of Juvenile Justice Act, 2015. Their hate against Indian Army has reached to such a level that they declared AFSPA as the greatest violators of Human Rights by ignoring the fact that India had to impose AFSPA in Kashmir to stop the terror activities. Amnesty International’s ex-top official Gita Sahgal openly slammed Amnesty of backing Terror groups in Jammu and Kashmir.

Amnesty not only has a history of taking Pro-Pakistan stand but have defended even China where Humans aren’t treated as Humans unless they follow a particular narrative. When 20 of our soldiers were killed on combat during a border clash with China recently by killing atleast 80 Chinese soldiers to protect India’s sovereignty, former Amnesty India head publicly said that the real enemy is not but the ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party and Indians should fight with it’s ruling party and not China. Through it’s multiple biased reports, Amnesty have shielded China for it’s role in destabilising North East by pondering insurgency along and it’s role in Maoist insurgency in Central India which has led to so much bloodshed in the country.

Amnesty has even once cited India as very unjust in its operation against LTTE, the same organisation which has not only created terror in Sri Lanka but has assassinated Sh Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India. India came into picture when it tried to mediate between government of Sri Lanka & the LTTE as being a responsible neighbour.

Amnesty also promoted caste divide in India and portrayed India in bad light time and again. They once claimed that Universities and Colleges in India discriminates students on the basis of their caste. To support their claim, they did an RTI & cited a reference of Rohit Vemula who did suicide in a University campus in Hyderabad. They portrayed India & Indians badly by writing articles on the unfair treatment to Dalits and their murder due to them being a Dalit. In 2018, activists associated with Amnesty even called for violence against Brahmins.

Amnesty reported Delhi Riots of 2019 as a pogrom against Muslims and has built a narrative to show that Muslims are the real victims by showing only Muslims side of the story in it’s articles & have completely refused to acknowledge the other side of the story. This went upto an extent where Amnesty claimed the Anti-CAA protest to be a peaceful protest and have not reported anything against the rioters and the public damage they’ve caused while putting whole blame on Kapil Mishra and the Hindus. They have openly defended main accused Tahir Hussain, Amanatulla Khan and other Muslims by giving them clean chit. Their selective reporting have tarnished their claim of being a Human Rights organisation since the FIRs & Chargesheets filed by Delhi Police have pointed out the involvement of latter in the riot. Likes of Yogendra Yadav & Harsh Mander who are accused of inciting violence in the riot were hailed as protector of democracy by the Amnesty. But this isn’t the first time when Amnesty took an anti-Hindu stand. Their Hinduphobic nature was out when their India Head Aakar Patel tried to spread the fake Hindu terror narrative by openly claiming that extremists in India majorly belongs to Hindu community. He further said that India is secular ‘despite’ Hindus & not because of Hindus, a clear attack on the majority community of India.

There was a time when Amnesty founder Peter Benenson was made to quit in 1967 when he has alleged that British Intelligence agencies & CIA had infiltrated AI. They also tried protecting the Urban Naxals of Bhima Koregaon Riot who incited violence and had a plan to kill PM Narendra Modi.

Amnesty claims to work for Human Rights however it is no hidden fact that they have a very bad working environment which is full of bullying, public humiliation and toxicity.

Amnesty International clearly got a political ideology and agenda in India. It is not just a charity promoting humanitarian projects, but overtly trying to influence the media and elections according to the vested interests upto am extent that it even demanded separate electorates for Muslims, a demand last raised by Jinnah’s party before partition. Amnesty is shut down but is has no relation with the civil liberties. After bank accounts of Amnesty were frozen by ED, Amnesty International announced that it has decided to halt its operations in India. No FCRA approval (it had got it 1 in 2000) but denied by every successive government since 2000 due to account discrepancies. In it’s website, Amnesty claims that they don’t receive any support from govts however they accepted €2.5M from EU & the USA, Norway and Netherlands’ and £3M from the British Government as charity which shows their malice intentions.

Amnesty International should be banned in India, they should be thrown out. It is so funny that these guys are having a meltdown because Amnesty chose to leave, the government did not tell them to: Savio Rodrigues- Chief Editor, Goa Chronicle

We have waited a really long time for these organisations to be questioned. Under the garb of charity, they have interfered with our internal issues: Rami Desai, Writer & Political Analyst

India suffered heavily due to these foreign funded NGOs and must take firm action whenever it is about National interest. All NGOs with anti-India stand must either fall in line or stand out. There can be absolutely no comprise on this issue.

Author: Adv. Shashank Shekhar Jha
Legal Editor,

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