Radha TMT Resume Operations with Detailed Standard Operating Procedure for COVID-19 Management

Radha TMT the prestigious brand of Radha Smelters Private Limited, and manufacturers of 550 TMT bars, MS Flats, MS Squares and Plain Rounds has just launched its fight against the coronavirus pandemic in a unique way. The company has restarted its production at the state-of-the-art plant taking unprecedented measures. It has formed a Dedicated committee ‘COVID Task Force’ tasked with the development, implementation, monitoring and undertaking of follow-up actions to ensure the safety, health and well-being of employees/visitors at all times from the risk of exposure and infection to COVID-19 at the company’s premises and follow up with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and other relevant govt. agencies on COVID-19 Directives and guidelines.

Radha TMT has chalked out an action plan for resuming operations post-COVID-19 with detailed standard operating procedure (SOP) on maintaining social distancing, hygiene, and employee safety. “To facilitate this change, our COVID-19 Task Force, has worked out a detailed SOP for safe start of operations. Each element of this plan integrates YOUR SAFETY at the core. Guidelines include starting from home to going back safely,” the Radha MD said.

At Radha TMT facilities, staffs have been brought back to work in shifts and alternate day rosters with staggered shift start and end timings to ensure appropriate social distancing. The numbers of people that are involved in business activities have been brought down to a minimal to make certain of a safe work environment.

There will be markings at all crowd gathering places to facilitate social distancing. In addition, it is mandated for thermal screening across facilities. There will be decontamination of common use areas in every shift. There will be frequent disinfection/sanitization of all touch points.

All staffs are required to go through a mandatory temperature check and a comprehensive record of the overall health of each is being maintained by the company. As a part of the process, all employees are required to file a self-declaration of the presence of fever, cough, sore throat, and shortness of breath.

The company is among the pioneers in the country that have re-launched production in full compliance with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines. It is also diligently working with the ministry to manage the situation effectively should any instance of infection arise.

Shri. Sunil Saraf lays down the salient features of the new strategy post-COVID-19. “Fighting the COVID Pandemic and restarting production to meet customers’ requirements are our top priority now. For this we are sanitizing and cleaning the entire facility at least 3 times a day including common spaces, weighing – bridge and operation lines are duly cleaned, and the reports are submitted to the COVID Task Force. Each element of our strategy integrates STAFF SAFETY at its core. It starts from individual homes and ends with going back safely,” said Shri Sunil Saraf, the Chairman of Radha TMT.

“We have resumed operations by adopting maximum safety measures. The COVID Task Force will ensure that there is no gathering of more than 5 people in any area of the facility. Each person working in the premises is 1 meter apart from the other. Moreover, we are discouraging visitors to the premises except for maintaining essential supply lines with contractors, suppliers, and service providers. We have made it mandatory for all visitors to undergo the same screening process as that imposed on our employees. We will progressively resume operations in a graded manner. However, post lockdown we must continue to take all necessary precautions for a much longer duration. Aspects like Social distancing will have to be integrated into our lifestyle. Last but not the least, we have decided to bear all medical costs in the event of any COVID-19 related cases among our employees,” said Suman Saraf, Managing Director of Radha TMT.

The SOP details aspects like behaviour at workplace, usage of canteen and other common facilities, guidelines in case of sickness and health emergency are explained in detail.

The company has pledged to be a part of the global war on COVID-19 by assuring the Ministry of Health of its full cooperation and encouraging the use of Arogya Setu by all its employee and conduct training of good hygiene practices.

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