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Rafale: Another fraud or new India?

The Indian public is no stranger to political scams, no matter how big or small. Ranging from BOFORS to Coalgate, we have realized who makes money for themselves and who gives it out to the rural population. After harping on a scam in 2016, the opposition has yet again tried to malign the nationalist image that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has created over the years. This time the grand old party has revisited the deal which has been cleared by the honourable Supreme Court (SC) and is no doubt one of the biggest military deals of our country.

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A report published by Mediapart.fr has struck a fresh war between Congress and BJP. This was found in the audit by Agence Francaise Anticorruption (AFA). The manufacturer, Dassault Aviation, has allegedly made a suspicious transaction of 1 million euros (approx. Rs. 8 Crore) to a middle man in India. The AFA inspected and found out that after the deal of Rafale jets to India was complete, Dassault had agreed to pay a million euros to a middle man. Congress now demands a fair and independent probe into the matter while blaming the BJP for betraying the trust of the people. It also insisted Prime Minister Narendra Modi speak on the issue of how this deal was wrecked by the use of a middle man. Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala held a press conference attacking the Centre and questioning India’s biggest defence deal. He claimed that the country suffered a loss in the rafale deal which comes up to Rs. 21,075 crores. The Congress leader also asked the BJP as to why the anti-corruption clause was removed from the deal despite the defence ministry recommending to include those clauses. He also reminded the people that former party chief Rahul Gandhi had claimed the same allegations in 2019 before the general elections.

Union Law Minister Dr. Ravi Shankar Prasad has refuted the claims and termed them as a baseless and corporate rivalry. He also revealed that the company which got the alleged commission is owned by Sushen Gupta, a familiar face and name for Congress. Currently facing trial for the AgustaWestland fraud, the Gupta family has been in the loop for a long time. They have been middlemen in defence and aeronautical deals for three generations. The minister added Congress is like always, trying to demean the armed forces of our country. The BJP has also stated that the SC had rejected the plea for a probe and the Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG) had found nothing wrong with the deal. He added that this same trick had failed to woo voters during the 2019 general elections to damage the image of the BJP. These transactions were found under the heading “gifts to clients”. The aviation company had pictures of 50 car-sized replicas of the jet to its customers but no evidence that it was actually made.

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The idea we need to focus on is the common loss in these situations. Only the greedy politicians and officials make money that should ideally belong to us, the taxpayers of India. What the need of the hour is the law we require. A law that punishes officials and does not let them escape on the grounds of being a “leader” or the “chief of the oldest political outfit”. India has suffered under leaders like this and will continue to until someone takes a big step to curb illegal earnings like these. This country has experienced scams like the 2G Spectrum and the commonwealth scam and it is time we get answers. The Indian people are now demanding answers and the politicians have already started the blame game. The question is how long can this go for? Is it not time for us to finally demand the justice we deserve?

Politics is surely a dirty game, but that does not mean that the whole point of becoming a politician relies on making money. We should always remember that whenever we take up a civil and government job, it is not only our duty but also our honour that we get to serve a country with which we identify with. The day we take the politicians to the task is the day India will actually awaken to freedom. If this blame game continues, the only people in loss will be the common ones. Parties and leaders will come and go, we should always keep this country first and foremost. Let’s hope that this is not yet another scam just waiting to be out in the open, and pray for the betterment of this great country.

Vishnoo Jotshi

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