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‘Rafale deal for Dummies’ TV star Pallavi Joshi drives home BJP’s point

The BJP on Monday released quite an unusual video trying to ‘explain’ the hotly debated pact with the French government.

Putting it on a Twitter posting, BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya called the video footage – ‘Rafale deal for dummies’.

Produced by ‘I am Buddha Foundation’ of Vivek Agnihotri – a known BJP and Narendra Modi supporter – the 2.19 minute video features actress Pallavi Joshi, who says “Rafale deal is all about getting fighter planes at economical rates, we will also have missiles and also that many parts will be made in our own country”.
“And most importantly, in the entire deal, India has saved an amount of Rs 12,500 crore,” she says in Hindi spotting her usual grin.

She also cracks a joke about ‘potato factory’ without naming anyone.

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