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Rahul Gandhi alleges senior Congress leaders ‘in cahoots with the BJP

New Delhi: Revolt against the Sonia Gandhi family to save Indian National Congress has intensified at the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting after former Congress party president Rahul Gandhi alleged that dissenting party member who wrote the letter asking Sonia Gandhi to step down as the interim president are in ‘in cahoots with the BJP.

Reportedly a senior Congress leader at the the meeting told that an all-out dissent has broken out in the meeting, with Kapil Sibal and Ghulam Nabi Azad speaking out and the latter even offering to resign if Rahul Gandhi’s could prove his false allegations.

Kapil Sibal took to social media platform Twitter to express his disappointment in tweet but he later deleted the tweet. However, in the tweet Sibal stated: “Rahul Gandhi says “ we are colluding with BJP “. Succeeded in Rajasthan High Court defending the Congress Party. Defending party in Manipur to bring down BJP Govt.Last 30 years have never made a statement in favour of BJP on any issue. Yet “ we are colluding with the BJP “!

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