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Rahul Gandhi for PM – Joke of the Year

Heard with great amusement that Rahul Gandhi has himself declared his candidature for the post of the Prime Minister of India in 2019.

I have often openly spoken about my indifference to the Congress President. My opinion stems for the simple fact that I do not believe that he has any competence or intelligence to be a class monitor of a class in school; being a leader of one of India’s oldest and powerful political party is akin to someone playing a bad joke on that political party.

Now when he makes a statement saying that in 2019 he will be the PM of India. While being amused, I am also worried that some Indians could actually allow themselves to think of such an absurd anomaly to happen.

Rahul has never earned his respect or merit, like millions of Indians who toil day and night in various fields including politics. He is just blessed to have been born in a powerful political family who are surrounded by sycophants and subservient individuals who put their entire belief and fate of the nation in that one family.

As Indians we suffer Rahul Gandhi because some of us have not shrugged off our subservient nature and let me be absolutely brutal – Congress is full of people who are subservient in nature and their service is more titled to a particular family, their own personal interests and never about the country.

But the people of our great nation are fickle, the propaganda by the divisive forces within and outside the nation will work towards putting an incompetent person like Rahul Gandhi at the helm of affairs in India. If India had a leader of substance, it will grow faster than any nation in the world. It will someday overshadow and be a crucial nation in global socio-economic and political matters.

If Rahul Gandhi ever becomes the Prime Minister of India, we Indians should hide our heads in shame. It will prove to the world that we continue to remain subservient in our psyche and we cannot rise to raise leaders.

The only reason Modi does not have any competition in India is because he is pitted against someone like Rahul Gandhi. For a nation to excel, competition between competent leaders is good.

I am not going to go further into the shocking thought of Rahul Gandhi becoming Prime Minister. I am going to process it in my mind as the Joke of the Year and laugh about it. Hope this ambitious intent of the least performing political leader fails and deserving leaders rise from among the nation across all political parties.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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