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Rahul meets with Congress MLAs

All India Congress Committee, general secretary, Rahul Gandhi met with the nine Congress MLAs recently in New Delhi to discuss the political situation in Goa and the way forward for the Congress in the state.

This move of Gandhi is being seen by many as taking personal interest in party affairs in the state of Goa.

The MLAs briefed Gandhi on the issues plaguing the state and the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC); they further impressed on a need for a change in guard at the helm of party affairs and also restructuring of the GPCC team.

Gandhi from his side, expressed the need for the MLAs to play a more aggressive and constructive role as Opposition and to work towards strengthening the party at grass-root levels in the state. He also assured the MLAs that there would be a new GPCC president as well as new Central Observers for the state, also apprised the elected representatives about the changes planned within the Goa Congress Unit

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