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Rahul sings Goa-like song ‘Money Games’ on failure in Meghalaya

Charging the BJP of showing utter disregard for the mandate of the people in Meghalaya, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday said the party has usurped power in the state.

In a tweet, Rahul alleged that the BJP, in its obsession with grabbing power, was “using money power to create an opportunistic alliance”.

“With just 2 seats, the BJP has usurped power in Meghalaya, through a proxy like in Manipur & Goa, showing utter disregard for the mandate of the people. Obsessed instead with grabbing power, using big money to create an opportunistic alliance,” Rahul tweeted.

Despite the Congress emerging as the single largest party in the Meghalaya assembly, the BJP has managed to form a government in the state in alliance with regional parties.


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