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Railways considering resuming local train service in Maharashtra: Officials

Mumbai: Maharashtra Government’s request to resume local train services for the general public is under consideration, railway officials have said.

In a joint statement issued by Sumit Thakur, Chief PRO of the Western Railway and Shivaji Sutar Chief PRO of Central Railway said that Railways has received a letter from Government of Maharashtra regarding resuming local train services for the general public while ensuring adherence to all Covid-19 protocols.

Currently, railways are running 1,410 special suburban services.

As a part of the unanimously decided SOP, a maximum of 700 passengers can be seated in a 12 car EMU rake as per social distancing norms against 1,200 passengers who can be seated.

Therefore, 1,410 services are run in Mumbai Suburban section, having the total carrying capacity of approximately 9,80,000, the statement added.

“In this regard, it is clarified that Railways has always been ready to augment/enhance Suburban services keeping social distancing norms. We are working closely with Maharashtra Government to provide additional services after consultation with them about necessary modalities accordingly”, it added.

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