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Raj Thackeray shoots and speeds away

In what could be considered a complete disregard to rules laid down by the government of Goa; Raj Thackeray leader of the Maharashtra Nirman Sena in a scuffle during over taking incident by his car with a truck, pulled out a revolver fired it in the air and threatened the driver and sped away. This incident happened at Borin and led to a strong crowd with witnesses claiming to have seen the MNS supremo.

Subsequently, the driver of the truck reported the incident to his office and another office employee tried to intercept the vehicle at Ponda. Here again the occupants of the car in which Raj Thackeray was travelling pulled out the gun and fired in the air. Later on threatening the employee the car sped away.

Sources reveal that Raj Thackeray is currently staying at the Taj Exotica in Goa.

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