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Rajan Ghate’s health should be a concern, just like that of Parrikar


Panaji, November 26 (Editor’s Corner) It has been eleven days that RTI Activist Rajan Ghate has been on indefinite fast at Azad Maidan demanding resignation of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. Parrikar is ailing and is working from his private residence, where he is apparently being treated in the make-shift ICU.

The demand asking for resignation ofno Parrikar, ideally, would be not entertained, if it was under normal circumstances. Parrikar is undoubtely one of the greatest leaders and also CM with vision.

But considering his health conditions, it looks like, it is high time that he hangs his boots.

Ghate was never a prominent political figure. Except for his RTI stint, he has been one amongst those average leaders, trying to push through thick and thin of State’s affairs. His sudden announcement to have fast unto death was not taken much seriously initially.

Without any proper back up, Ghate announced his fast unto death, in a press conference. And he actually began it at Azad Maidan.

We are eleven days past after he sat for the hunger strike. Except for one order of District Collector asking him to be shifted to Goa Medical College and Hospital, there is no intervention from the State government to convince him to withdraw it.

On the other hand, BJP Goa Chief Vinay Tendulkar, was audacious to ignore the hunger strike terming him as a Congress worker.

Even if we keep aside the merits or de-merits of the fast that has been initiated by Ghate, it’s perfactly human to take cognisance of someone, who has decided to die for a cause. There should have been attempts to convince him to withdraw, through some or other means. But instead of that, Tendulkar was adamant in his statements during a press conference.

It is a well known fact that Parrikar’s illness has brought administration to a standstill. The State is at the mercy of couple of bureacrats who are holding the reigns. There is immediate need to replace the Chief Minister and let him take rest, till he recovers.

Ghate’s demand should not be looked from a political angle. His demand reflects aspiration of the Goans, who has high respect for Parrikar. Goans too want Parrikar to rest and not get stressed with the responsibilities of the State.

It has been long that Goa has seen its CM attending office, public functions and addressing them. Parrikar’s health is a concern for everyone, but similarly, we should also show concern for the life of Ghate.

As a Gentleman, Tendulkar, should have controlled his language while uttering anything against Ghate. State government should have tried some or way to convince him to withdraw the fast.

It’s eleven days, and we don’t know how long he will be able to sustain with the fast.  If anything happens to Ghate, then it would be solely responsibility of the State government, who would be termed insensitive.


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