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“Rajinikant is honest, sincere and has no other Agenda”: Madhuvanthii

“Rajinikant is honest, sincere and has no other Agenda”: Madhuvanthii
“Rajinikant is honest, sincere and has no other Agenda”: Madhuvanthii

Madhuvanthii is the State Executive Committee Member of the BJP Tamil Nadu. She is also Shakthi Kendra in-charge and believes in working at the ground level to understand the pulse of the people of this state. She works and coordinates close to nine booths in her constituency to help address the issues of the people in her area. Do you think the state of Tamil Nadu is in the need of a new alternative than the Dravidian Parties AIADMK and DMK?

Madhuvanthii: The state of Tamil Nadu for over fifty years has lived in a fake myth called Dravidianism something that has just been used conveniently to win elections and keep the people in the oblivion and not allow growth or development or nationalistic mindsets. The state has been always made to believe, as it is a separate territory and doesn’t belong to the Indian subcontinent. Another very convenient tool used to project this fake myth has been religious bias especially about Hinduism and Brahminism. This is also something that is fake and needs a drastic change. So yes, Tamil Nadu needs a change very very strongly. Do you see Rajinikanth’s entry into the political fight as a catalyst to Tamil Nadu State Elections?

Madhuvanthii: Yes, Rajinikanth sir’s entry will kindle a tsunami of sorts because he connects directly to the youth of Tamil Nadu and the women folk. He is honest. He doesn’t need this political arena to further his popularity or pockets, so he is here only to serve the people of Tamil Nadu who according to him have been his gods and given him everything. He says it’s his time now to repay them. This is how a leader talks. He is a leader in the making What according to you are the aspirations of the people of Tamil Nadu in the forthcoming Election?

Madhuvanthii: I feel that the people of Tamil Nadu want good governance, good execution of the schemes that have been initiated by the Central Government. Honest and secular ideologies, and not fake myths that have so long been used to win elections here in Tamil Nadu.

Also, I strongly believe that Tamil Nadu is a land of devotion and spirituality whatever be the religion it has always been a place where many religions can peacefully coexist unlike the wrong projections spread by the DMK. The people of Tamil Nadu want this aspect also to come to the forefront. People do not want to feel ashamed of their religion or community anymore. They will oust anyone who keeps propagating these kinds of myths as well. As BJP State Executive Member, how would you describe the growth of BJP in Tamil Nadu over the last couple of years and what future do you foresee?

Madhuvanthii: The growth of BJP in Tamil Nadu is very significant especially this year during the pandemic where the people of Tamil Nadu saw the Karyakartas of BJP serving them selflessly even without having to be in power. The BJP has proven its might and worth in all the states where it has won elections so far. BJP is giving honest and good governance. BJP delivers whatever it states in its election manifesto unlike other parties who wrIte great points but fail to deliver; more so they try to go against their own points when it suits them. The people of Tamil Nadu are watching all of this, so they also definitely want this for their state and the party that can deliver this is undoubtably the BJP. I see a strong future for our party in Tamil Nadu especially with regards forming the government. Is Tamil Nadu ready for a change of leadership and political parties or will the people continue to vote for AIADMK and DMK?

Madhuvanthii: Tamil Nadu is completely ready for change according to me. We see a lot of youngsters advocating for this change. We see people coming out and speaking up much more boldly for change. We see the earnest intentions of the people of Tamil Nadu wanting this change as they are fed up of the Dravidian parties and their ideologies that have only hampered the growth and development of Tamika Nadu. We are also clearly seeing that the people of Tamil Nadu are openly rejecting the gimmicks being projected and performed by the DMK to try and keep their fake myths alive. This is being thwarted openly and aggressively by the people of Tamil Nadu. The change is inevitable. How much caste and religion-based politics define politics in Tamil Nadu?

Madhuvanthii: That is the fake myth that has been driving this state for so many years. The DK and DMK have been the main propagators of this myth that there is no religious harmony or tolerance of religious community in Tamil Nadu. Also, trying to always satisfy the minority for the sake of votes is another dirty trick used by these parties now all these myths are getting completely shattered according to me. The people of Tamil Nadu are seeing through the lies of the DK and DMK. The uproar against the Karuppar Koottam is a standing example to prove this. The uproar against the ban of the Manu smriti is also a proof to this. Another very important point according to me is that the whole country has seen the BJP make sure that ‘triple talaq’ is abolished in this country. Nothing can be more secular than this. This directly breaks the myth that BJP is a Hindutva based party. And that has opened many eyes. Why do the people of Tamil Nadu have such aspirations from Rajinikant that will lead the people of Tamil Nadu towards a better state?

Madhuvanthii: He is honest, he is sincere and has no other “agenda”. He does not need politics to gain popularity or fame or financial strength. He wants to give back something concrete to the people of the state of Tamil Nadu who have given him his very life according to him. They have expected nothing in return so he feels it is his duty to give them the right kind of governance as he feels that the people of Tamil Nadu need change and growth and development the most. So the people here have these aspirations.

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