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Ramakant Khalap’s Son Accused Of Land Grab

Nelson Fernandes, a gaonkar of Assagao Communidade in a petition filed before the Goa Bench of the Bombay High Court, has charged Ashwin Khalap, son of Chairman of Law Commission of Goa, Ramakant Khalap of illegally grabbing communidade land.
Nelson’s contention is that one tenant of Assagao Communidade Mahadev Sitaram Simepuruskar has illegally transferred Communidade land to Ashwin Khalap who has now started constructing seven luxury villas on the land.

Arguing that Communidade land cannot be transferred to a third party, he has accused the authorities of illegally transferring 15,000 square meters of Assagao Commuindade land to Ashwin Khalap.
Besides, he also pointed out another irregularity by which the agricultural land of the Communidade has been converted to non-agricultural purpose, which is against the laws prevalent in Goa.
Nelson whilst praying that the construction work undertaken on the Communidade land be stopped immediately has also asked for the land to be reverted back to the Communidade.
The irony is that the petition is filed against the son of the Goa Law Commission Chairman!

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